WATCH: Kashmiri musicians recreate Pakistan’s national anthem & it's winning hearts on the internet

This beautiful cover of Pakistan's national anthem is absolutely mesmerizing.

Music doesn’t understand borders and this video beautifully depicts how music transcends borders. A mesmerising rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem by two musicians from Kashmir is going viral. The musicians use traditional musical instruments to cover the anthem melodiously.

The video was first shared on Facebook by a page called Culture de Kashmir. The four-minute-long video shows the two talented musicians creating heavenly music using the musical instruments santoor and rabab. Santoor, a native of Jammu and Kashmir, is also the national instrument of Iran, and has 72 strings. Rabaab is a plectrum device used to strike these chords, to create musical sounds.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the two young musicians are Zubair Ahmad, 22 years old and Umar Majeed, 18 years old. Majeed who is seen playing the santoor, said that musicians are ‘azad’ and that they will be of no worth without their music, the report said. “There is no other motive to my rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem,” Hindustan Times quoted them as saying.

Check out the video here:

Isn’t it absolutely mesmerizing?

The duo Ahmad and Majeed seem to have become an instant sensations on social media, with 6,702 shares and 1,84,000 views in no time!

A little 101: ‘Qaumi Taranah’ — Pakistan’s national anthem is believed to be written in 1952 by Hafeez Jullundhri, with music by Ahmad G Chagla in 1949. The anthem was adopted on August 13, 1954.