WATCH: Israeli anchor fights her tears on air after finding out the channel's sudden shutdown

Israeli TV anchor Geula Even fights hard to control her tears on air after finding out the channel's shutdown

Geula Even, an Israeli TV anchor, broke down on air while reporting the last edition of her show due to the sudden cancellation of the channel. After learning that Channel 1 was going off air, Geula tried hard to fight back her tears while covering the news. In the clip posted on channel’s Facebook page, Geula is evidently stumped when she finds out the news of the shutdown. Unable to control her tears she says, “We are not getting breaking news, a statement in Parliament… tonight will be our last programme.”

According to a report from Daily Mail, the state-run broadcaster Channel 1 was called off after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly shut it down following a political battle; further reasoning that the move was aimed at reforming the industry to create a replacement organisation. Many people in Israel have lashed out at Prime Minister’s move and blatantly stated that he is trying to “control the media”. After she came to know about the news, Geula, choking on to her tears, continued in a trembling voice, “This is our last edition, so rest of the program is irrelevant. I hope people find new jobs and public broadcasting continues to be strong.”

The clip has got an amazing response from the viewers with people expressing their grief. The video has so far garnered 380k views and 4.9k reactions on Facebook.

Watch the video here: