WATCH: Israeli ad-maker creates the most visually stunning car advert ever made

Eugene Romanovsky created this power-packed advertisement to sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, and now everybody wants it

Eugene Romanovsky, a video effects expert from Israel, has broken all records of creativity by making the most epic car ad ever made. Sure, we have all at one point decided to be creative to attract more buyers and sell out product at the maximum price but Eugene has taken his game to tge next level and has left all other wide-eyed sellers choking at his brilliance. Eugene created this Hollywood style blockbuster ad to sell his 10-year-old Suzuki Vitara which he calls his “best friend”.

“The Legend. The Beast. The Hero” slides through the desert in Mad Max: Fury Road, and is chased by dinosaurs through Jurassic Park. It even goes underwater and traverses its way without any damage and even goes out of space to showcase its amazing mileage. The 1996 Suzuki Vitara is “smart, sexy and trendy” and with those action-packed graphics, everyone now wants it.

The video is going viral for all these right reasons. Eugene posted this ad on YouTube in April 2017 and has so far garnered 4M views. People are loving the ad and are taking hilarious digs at the video. One of the YouTuber commented, “I have been trying to sell my wife for few years! Will definitely try this method!”

Watch the video here: