WATCH: Hungry pilot craving for burger makes an emergency landing at McDonald's

Pilot grabs a quick bite at McDonald's by landing his chopper at a park near the food chain in Sydney

When you’re hungry, what do you do? You gorge on those fries and thrust yourself with delicious burgers until your inner Joey is fully satiated. Well, that’s what this man did except the fact that he illegally landed his helicopter at a park next to Rouse Hill’s McDonald’s in Sydney, Australia about 4.20pm on May 14. In the footage captured by an onlooker, the pilot is seen walking out of McDonald’s with a brown McDonald’s bag and hopping back in his helicopter and flying off.

The spectators were stunned and thought it was an emergency landing. While the pilot’s burger craving may have thrilled everyone and landed him in some trouble, the media spokesperson of Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Peter Gibson said during a conversation with New Zealand Herald that such incidents have occurred before as well. Further, he stated that he is still not clear whether to term this act illegal because if the pilot has taken the land owner’s permission, the landing was not “technically illegal”. The footage of the incident has been sent for further review to Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Operation Area in Sydney.

Meanwhile, the pilot of the chopper has assured that the landing was “clear of obstacles” and he had taken all the careful measures to ensure a safe landing.