Watch: How do you make students pay attention to grammar? Rap and sing it to them

What maketh a teacher but passion for his subject and love for teaching.

Even though none of the lessons in our school were particularly interesting thanks to the extraordinarily bland teaching methods, grammar was specifically hard for most of us to grasp. So much so that even those among us who were fascinated by Shakespeare and Keats would find all our interest dwindling the second Wren and Martin was mentioned. (click above to watch)

This teacher in this video posted on Facebook seems to have set out to change this and manages to successfully rap and sing his way through grammar. He teaches his students the different tenses in the English language in the most interesting manner ever. Starting off with present continuous, he moves on to present perfect and present indefinite all the while singing and rapping with such fervour that its impossible for the students to not remember this lesson.

What makes his method of teaching stand out is how he translates whatever he is teaching into Hindi and makes it extremely easy for the students to grasp the concepts. Watch him conduct his one-of-a-kind class here:

As evident in the video, his students are having a ball attending this class and sing along with him with equal energy. Though not conventional, his teaching method is brilliantly suited to the audience he is catering to.

One comes across several teachers in the course of their lifetime, but some make a mark and are unforgettable. Chances are high that this man will become that one unforgettable teacher to his students. If more teachers took their innate passion for the subjects they choose to such levels, students would rarely ever look for entertainment outside of class.