Watch: How do people from different countries flirt? Let this viral video explain

Shadi Tohme is killing it with his brilliant impersonations.

Impersonating people is tough, but impersonating people from different countries is even more so. But not for Shadi Tohme, famously known as ‘Mad Shadz’. Tohme, a resident of Dubai and originally from Syria, enjoys a huge fan following and can be termed as a ‘social media star’. He posts short videos of him impersonating people from different countries. Most of his videos have gone viral, with over 43k likes on Facebook.

In this particular video, Mad Shadz is seen impersonating types of flirts, and boy he is great. His accent is brilliant and I bet you cannot figure out his true nationality. His Filipino and Australian English are sure to give you fits of laughter. The video has so far garnered 16M views. Check it out here:


Which one was your favourite?