WATCH: Guy risks life with a 'back flip gone wrong' on a busy road. And Twitter is in no mood to show mercy

Twitter user Tommy (@tommyfrmbroward) posted this viral video of his friend doing a failed backflip

Twitter is a funny place. Whenever there is gaffe,  mess ups or any banter, the tweeple are always on the lookout for fun. From trolling the epic Snapchat-Snapdeal, Sagarika-Sagarika or maybe the Tharoor-Arnab fiasco, or learning the new word ‘Farrago’, social media especially Twitter is on a roll. Just recently, when a Twitter user by the name of Tommy (@TommyFrmBroward) uploaded a video of his friend doing a backflip or let’s just say an extremely risky backflip, Twitterati made a merry out of it too.

Amusingly, the guy was trying to display his worthy stunts and almost failed at it very badly. The person was trying to do a backflip next to an active road and almost ended up killing himself. Thankfully, he managed to save himself from the rushing cars running over him. Twitterati gasped after watching the video but went ahead trolling the guy. Tommy posted the video with the caption, “My boy almost lost his life smh”.

So far, the video is going viral. It has been liked over 68k times and retweeted by more than 48k people. Here’s how the Twitterati expressed their disbelief:

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