WATCH: Forget AIB's The Party Song, the 'Prank Song' is here to roast everyone

Posted by Hasle India, the 'Prank Song' is going viral for all right reasons

The best thing about the internet is YouTube. You can spend hours gorging on it and it’ll still not bore you. And especially now, with a whole bunch of great YouTubers and their amazing content. Be it standups, comedy or fiction videos, the content is the soul of the whole gig. You’d agree, right? And so would this bunch of crazy YouTubers.  You have all cheered at the ‘Party Song’, now get ready for the ‘Prank Song’. Posted by Hasle India on May 20, the video features a bunch of YouTubers planting ideas in front of their boss who is worried about the ratings of their channel, and hence they come up with ‘The Prank Song’.

The video features famous YouTubers like Harsh Beniwal, Rishab Rana and so on. This is their first collaboration with Nazar Battu Productions, who are known for their social satires with a ‘Jaat’ touch. The lyrics of the song are really hilarious and goes something like:

Channel banaya mene bhed chal dekh ke,

acha content sara bhad me jaye,

Clickbait ka title dalu apne left hand se….”


The video is trending on YouTube and is going viral because of its peppy beat. It has received 255k views so far and has received a positive response from the audience. Viewers are thrilled about this collaboration and anticipating more videos with “great content”.

Watch the video here:

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