Watch: Finally science proves Hitler wrong. Race has no scientific basis

It's time to re-consider the wall building project, Mr. Donald Trump!

What race do you think you belong to and what do you know about your origins? Is race. caste, creed even a real thing or are they just man-made constructs to help divide us? If you believe DNA, and its a lot more logical to believe DNA than race, the latter holds true.

DNA works in a very interesting manner and every child acquires 50 percent of it from the mother and the other 50 percent from the father, who in turn acquire it in the same proportion from their parents. This basically means that none of us can be sure about where we really come from and what our lineage is. In practice, this would translate to all of us being without a caste, without a creed, without a race and maybe even belonging to multiple nationalities. Let that seep in.

Now once you are over the existential crisis this video of an experiment just put you into, you might also be interested in knowing that just anyone you are talking to could most definitely be a cousin, a close cousin or a far off one. Not to say that everyone is a cousin but chances are high someone at your workplace or in your classroom is.

Is this bringing down all the walls you built around yourself and making you see how you could just partially belong to that community you despise? In a country like ours, a video of this sort that questions lineage and puts a huge question mark on it could help us see through our extremism. That country you hate so much could have been home to one of your ancestors who could have also belonged to a completely different religion than the one you follow now.

To sum it all up, each one of us is from everywhere and those dividing walls we put up have no foundation anymore.