Watch: Family gets a surprise visitor over Easter, opens door to a 9-foot alligator

What happens when you wake up to an unwelcomed guest? Read on!

Knock Knock? Who’s there? Gator. What? Yep. Alligator. While these knock-knock jokes may make some sense here, but imagine yourself waking up to a 200-pound alligator. No jokes there, huh?

This is exactly what happened to the Polstone family who woke up with the festive Easter spirits in their hearts and the refreshing seasonal spring on their heads at their home in Mount Pleasant in South Carolina until they saw a full grown approximately 9-foot giant alligator on their door. According to animal and wildlife experts, with rising temperatures, the alligators tend to come out of hibernation and preparing for a routinely feeding and mating season. states that, “Behaviour like this will become more common as the weather warms up. This gator estimated to be 60-year-old was trying to make its way back to the breeding pond but a newly placed fence making his yearly routine difficult.”

It is really astonishing that the alligator successfully managed to make his way up the 15-foot staircase, break the screen, rearrange furniture and arrive at family’s second-floor porch. The enormous creature seemed to enjoy his stay and was “perfectly happy” according to the family. But as the DNR arrived, it got more and more aggressive and would not move at all, the experts had no option but to euthanise the alligator.

The video has gone viral after being shared on various media portals and is taking the internet by storm. The video has garnered approximately 2k views. Having said that, the ending does come with a slight warning sign asking people not to feed or block their pathways as alligators as they tend to defend their property.

The anchor rightly puts, “If gators have a will, they will find a way so it’s best to give them space.”