Watch: Animal Cover of Ducktales goes viral on social media

Relive the nostalgia of the nineties, watch this ridiculously entertaining remix Animal Cover of DuckTales.

All the nineties kids have fond memories of Uncle Scrooge, his three nephews and not to forget Scrooge’s brilliant pilot, Launchpad McQuack, who came to entertain us in Walt Disney’s animated TV series, DuckTales. There would only be a few of us who don’t remember the introductory theme of the show. A popular Russian YouTube user, Insane Cherry, made the animal cover of the DuckTales theme song.

Although his (no, we aren’t assuming this user is a male, his facebook page says so) video is absolutely bizarre, its entertainment quotient cannot be denied. We say bizarre because he has used short clips of animals like dogs, cats, goats, and of course, ducks and it is extremely funny. The nostalgia that is attached with the show has already made the video go viral with more than 86,000 views on YouTube.  He has also shared the video on his Facebook page, Insane Cherry and it has gathered over 1,000 likes. In past, Insane Cherry has made animal covers for chartbusters like Numb (Linkin Park) and We will rock you (Queen), and collected millions of views. Relive the nostalgia and watch the video:

Considering the popularity of Insane Cherry’s earlier videos and DuckTales itself, it is hard to be believe that his video has received relatively less  views and shares, as compared to his old videos were viewed by millions. One of the comments on facebook gives the reason for the dip in the number of views and shares of his videos and says  “I feel bad for all the missing views you get because of other pages freebooting your videos and not providing a source…It’s disgusting.”