Watch: Didn't like Fate of the Furious? This Indian Fast and Furious spoof is just for you

This Indian parody video on Vin Diesel starrer Fast and Furious by Jordindian is absolutely hilariously and is going viral.

The much-awaited The Fate of the Furious came out last week but the film did not exactly meet people’s expectations. While the film is a part of the much bigger The Fast and the Furious film franchise, the reviews suggest that you can definitely pass on this one. What you can’t pass on though, is this full-on desi parody of Fast and Furious. The video titled ‘Full Fast Full Furious’ is currently doing rounds over the internet and already has over 1.9 million views on Facebook.

Set in the busy streets of India, the lanky Vin Diesel races against an autorickshaw driver with his Maruti Zen. What? You think you can drive an Aston Martin on our streets? Bitch please.

With spoilers made out of cardboard and what looks like a… frisbee? This Maruti Zen is just about the sweetest ride you will ever find.


A sweeper, very elegantly, I must say, kicks-off the race and the action is on… for just about 5 seconds ’cause let’s face it, you’re in India. Working their way past obstacles like random cows, unnecessary processions and greedy cops, these racers make their way through Indian streets ’cause there’s nothing that can put a stop to their speed. Except for chai, that is.

The nearly two-minute long video is absolutely hilarious as it realistically captures the reality of Indian streets. The video has already received over 38 thousand shares and people are just about loving it! So, tell what you think of this highly-entertaining Fast and Furious spoof in the comments below.