Watch: Decoding Canada Wale, Sardarni and other Punjabi tracks on YouTube's Trending section

There’s a section of YouTube India that is pretty difficult to decode. An enigma, if you will. We’re talking about the trending section. Why is it an enigma? We’ve got videos like ‘7 headed snake fights a 2 year old’ and ‘Ameer ghar ki ladki kaise patt jaati hai’ (how to impress a rich girl) and other cringe-inducing videos we’d rather not mention.

Puzzled? The good news is that we’ll be steering clear of these videos for now. There is another prominent genre that caught our fancy. 70% of the trending space in India is full of kickass Punjabi tracks. Some of em’ go viral- J Star’s Na Na Na Na for instance. We know you danced to it and we know about the karaokes. Don’t lie.

For all the non-Punjabi people who are having a hard time understanding these music videos, we’re here to dissect the videos and explain what they really mean.

1) Pind Pehra by Harvy Sandhu


Think Punjabis are all about the moolah? Think all they do is show off their Gucci and Armani finery? Naah bro. Harvy (NOT Hardy) Sandhu is here to correct you! The song talks about how Punjabis are ballers in their pinds, but when they leave the country (and go to Canada, obviously) they do odd jobs and HUSTLE.

2) Pehli Nazar by Baninder Farwaha

This song is basically a every Punjabi parents’ dream. The girl sees a photo of here ‘husband to be’, falls in louve and imagines a happy ever after. She sings about how she will always and always love her husband (who she hasn’t even met by the way), only to be woken up by her grandma who is already planning about her grandchildren.

3) Yabb Mukeya by Mangal Sandhu

Yet another Sandhu, Mangal Sandhu teaches you the A B Cs of a bad girlfriend. Here’s the gist- if she’s out there spending your money and hugging other guys, she’s probably isn’t that great of a girlfriend. If you get beaten up by a bunch of guys and all she does is gives you those daily soap expressions and runs away, it’s time to break up. Also, there’s a midget in the video who gets kicked by everybody. No reason, no reason.

4) Sardarni by Goldy Goraya / Deep Jandu

Jandu this time, because we were out of Sandhus. Deep Jandu explains how Sardarnis are pretty expensive. They want expensive cars and bags, but then again,it’s worth it because she’s your Sardarni! Isn’t that the point of life? Buy expensive things for people to show them you love them?

5) Canada Wale by Dilbag Sahota

Canada waale, because OBVIOUSLY. Dilbag Sahota explains that if you don’t trust your boyfriend (aka jaanu), you’re gonna be applying for a Canadian citizenship soon because papa ji is gonna marry you off to some Punjabi dude who lives in Canada. That’s, umm, basically it.