Watch: Daughter applies makeup on sleeping dad, his reaction is as lit as his cheekbone highlight

Her father's reaction is epic, so are Breeanna's makeup skills.

All of us love sleeping, don’t we? But have you ever been given a beauty makeover during your sleep? Imagine how hilarious it would be if your brother or father wake up all glammed-up. Twitter user, Breeanna applied makeup on her father’s face while he was fast asleep and boy, was the result fabulous. Was it Breeanna’s amazingly soft makeup skills or her father’s deep sleeping skills, we aren’t sure but her father doesn’t wake up even once during the entire process. From perfectly shaped eyebrows to eye-mascara to fake eyelashes to lipstick to rouge, this female does not leave a single thing except, maybe, accessorising his face and the outcome was outrageously hilarious. Not just that, she even posted the video of her entire ‘makeup tutorial’ on her Twitter handle, and it has gone viral.

After her father wakes up, he finds it difficult to even open his eyes and can be heard saying to Breanna (who is laughing in the background) ‘I can’t open my eyes, did you glue them together?’ Breanna’s father’s reaction is priceless and when he looks himself in the mirror, he finds himself ‘pretty’ and goes on to kiss his wife, who can’t stop laughing.
Watch the adorable video:

Her video went viral and people were responding: