Watch: Could you possibly dance to Ramdev's signature lines? These guys just did and they were flawless

Ramdev just made these boys dance. Don't believe us? You soon will.

Any of you who’ve ever had the opportunity to hear Ramdev talk on one of his yoga shows or just any show in fact, would be aware of how entertaining the man is. Now, what would it be like if his signature lines are made a medley of and some extraordinarily creative dancers are made to choreograph to it? Seems like an unusual mix that won’t be easy to work one’s way through we know, and that’s exactly what sets Shraey Khanna and his troupe apart.

Ex MJ5 member and winner of reality show India’s Dancing Superstars Shraey Khanna and his boys’ video, which goes by the caption “Ramdev Baba: Yoga Se Hoga” is number 3 on YouTube Trending. Now, considering the kind of stuff that makes it to YouTube Trending one might think of dismissing this one but we assure you this one truly deserves its spot on number 3.

With nearly a million views this video is already a viral sensation. It will break down every convention you had in mind regarding the kind of beats and music one could dance to. Right from the basic concept to the steps to their expressions, every ounce of the video screams creativity and will have you laughing as well as appreciating their moves.

The boys call themselves ‘Team Invincible’ and we here have a feeling they might just be right about that. You must have seen several people move to different kinds of beats, but to move to a complete absence of beats and have viewers tripping is a feat very few must have achieved. Shraey Khanna could safely be counted among those few now. Without much ado, go watch this mix of dance and drama and we bet it will be the best thing you have watched in a long while.