Watch: Confused about a woman's role? Let this ad tell you where women belong

Urban Ladder is urging us women to reclaim our right to be wherever we want to be.

All those men who store their ego in the ability to show a woman ‘her place’ are in for a surprise. Could you guess why? Simply because there is nothing called a woman’s place and no limitations on the kind of spaces she can occupy and what she can be. This International Women’s Day let this video convince you to give every woman the freedom to choose what space and place she wishes to occupy.

Considering our society still is regressive enough to make boxes and boundaries and shamelessly expect women to stick to those, it’s high time we realize nobody apart from a woman herself decides which place she belongs in. Picking up from the basic ‘women belong in the kitchen’ theory, this video with the use of only sound and text drives home their point.

Earlier campaigns like ‘Why Loiter’ and ‘Girls at Dhabas’ have made an attempt at reclaiming public spaces for women and this ad takes that campaign forward. It’s horrible enough that women have had to fight for their right to public spaces, considering women are a part of ‘public’. Aren’t they? How is it then that we are quick to restrict the spaces women take up and pull them back the minute we feel they have ‘overstepped their border’? Who even makes these borders? This ad raises no questions and is absolutely unapologetic with their answers. Exactly the way we all need to be now.

Without much ado, let this ad remind you in a less than a minute that a woman can be whatever she wants to.