Watch: An ode to the technology addicts

Controlled by algorithms and moved by notifications on Facebook, we are sure doing a brilliant job of being the 'highest mammals'.

Technology and social media are not all bad and have served several brilliant purposes. From bringing people together in times of calamities to raising several important societal issues there is a lot to technology and social media’s credit. Now that that’s out of the way, one cannot help but notice that ours is a generation that is undergoing crippling addiction to technology and it’s fast getting out of hand.

Ironical as it is, even the realization of such a situation is coming to us via an article on social media brought to us through technology. Even the video being spoken of has reached us through social media, but well let’s just say that what other way does one even have to reach out to out techno-addict friends?

There exists not one among us all who has never even for once had the thought of switching off our laptops and phones and running off to some faraway land for some time with ourselves and the real world. However actually being able to do this is a different story altogether. It’s the story none from this generation will successfully write. A video posted by a page named ‘God’ on Facebook reiterates exactly this point and tells us how we are inmates in a world of intelligently made algorithms.

Crushing candies and worrying more about Facebook notifications from a hoard of strangers appeals to us more than going out to buy some candy and sharing it with a few like-minded friends. When did real life become so boring that our few inches long smartphones occupied a higher place in our list of priorities?

This video shared with a hilarious caption by the page which reads ‘This human makes some good points about Netflix. They WANT you to bingewatch for 8 hours at a time’, will hopefully make us at least give our algorithms-driven lives a thought. Does not mean its just Netflix wreaking havoc, its a huge club consisting of Facebook,Twitte,Instagram, Temple run and the list goes on. Because, indeed nothing you do on the social media or using technology is representative of the person you truly are.