Watch: Ahmedabad RJ helps connect security guard, whose singing went viral, with music directors

Security guard Ratan Gadhavi is making rounds due to his powerful singing

Superheroes do not always wear cape, some wear uniforms and go to work. There’s no dearth of talent in the world yet only a few bask in the glory of their insurmountable fame. Rest of them stay burdened with their existential problems and gulp lemons that life throws at them. But sometimes, they get their chance to stand in the hall of fame. The same thing happened when a video of a 20-year-old young man recently surfaced on the internet.


In the video, security guard Ratan Gadhavi can be seen sitting in a chair and singing the song ‘Gori Radha ne Kaalo Kaan’ from Mikhil Musale directed Gujarati film Wrong Side Raju. He is singing so effortlessly as if he is singing his blues away. The video, which is going viral and has been shared on almost all social media platforms, is sure to evoke pathos and get yourself immersed in Ratan’s magical voice.

The same thing happened to RJ Devaki, a radio jockey with RedFM 93.5, who was so touched by Ratan’s surreal voice that she decided to invite him to her morning show in Ahmedabad. The session was titled ‘Anmol Ratan’ and Ratan was hummed many old Hindi and Sufi songs during the live session on Facebook. Not only was Ratan was lauded for his powerful voice, Devika broke paved the way for this man who had no formal singing to connect with music director duo Sachin-Jigar.



While Ratan’s voice is surely a rare find, we must commend people like Devika who go at lengths to find and encourage talents. Many of her fans on Twitter to support her in her godly gesture: