Watch: After BSF and CRPF, UP constable wants PM to look into harassment within the police forces

If those who are responsible for our security themselves do not feel secure, the situation seems grim.

In what seems to have become and everyday affair, our officers have been taking to the social media to register complaints they have against the system. In the past one week, officers from the BSF and a Lance from the CRPF put up their rants on social media in an attempt to reach out for help. Adding to this latest trend, we now have a police officer from UP who straight-out complains to the PM about the harrassment he goes through at the hands of his seniors.

Constable Sarvesh Chaudhary from Meerut starts off his rant with how the archaic Police Act of 1861 till date allows officer to harass fellow policemen and is a major reason why corruption within the forces is on a rise. Expressing the pathetic scenario officers are surviving in he mentions how he has been transferred several times and was suspended simply for demanding a pay slip from a babu. This babu in question demanded 500 bucks for handing over the officer’s much deserved pay-slip. Things became worse when Chaudhary was instead suspended for making this demand. Even though Sarvesh was later taken vback into service, he was not compensated for the suspension period.

He mentions how 80 percent of the officers in service are not healthy and are often taking sick due to lack of proper nutrition and medical services. The 2011 batch passout alleges harassment by senior officers which leads to drop in quality of services. Sarvesh Chaudhary mentions how the police forces often have 24-hour long working days leaving them with almost no time to even eat food, and it is not surprising why most of the officers are not in the best of health.

The officers ends his rant saying he is hopeful that his complaint will be taken seriously and that the PM will do the needful. Irrespective of who runs the government, the fact that our security personnel survive in such deplorable conditions is shocking. Here’s hoping that whosoever is in charge of the situation, takes charge soon.