War of the Twitter Titans: When KRK called Ram Gopal Varma 'ugly' & '2 Rupees People'

Read on to know who's the other director KRK is calling great but ugly.

The Titans of Twitter are back and this time have declared war on each other, and boy is it fun. It all started when Ram Gopal Varma shared one of his old photographs sitting with Baahubali director, SS Rajamouli on Twitter and captioning it – ‘The ugly is beastly me and SS Rajamouli is looking more sexier than the beautiful #Baahubali2’, Mr KRK was compelled to offer his 2 rupees on this, because obviously. KRK’s tweet was savage but outrageously hilarious. He responded to the photo by calling both of the directors, ‘great’ but ‘ugly’, adding the hashtag, #2RsPpl for good measure.

Obviously, we cannot stop laughing.

KRK’s confidence level is so off the charts, it is amazing he can still walk and isn’t floating already. What did he even mean by ‘So enjoy your day’, after brutally calling the duo ugly is something only he would understand. But that’s KRK for you. And, the fun part began when Ram Gopal Varma responded to KRK and not only dragged Shah Rukh Khan into this, but also spelled his name incorrectly. And the ball’s back in KRK’s court, while the aam janta wait with bated breath for Part II of this saga.
KRK and RGV are here to entertain you, so check out their tweets and enjoy:

Twitter was in splits after this and this is what people had to say:

Then there was this:

We are still trying to comprehend Ram Gopal Varma’s final tweet and may be KRK was also left scratching his head after this: