Want to watch Friends in Hindi? This Quora user has a word of caution!

Friends is undeniably the biggest sitcom of our times and it isn't shocking that people wanna watch it in their native languages. We recently came across a Quora post that helped us realize how horrible FRIENDS would sound in Hindi. Read on to find out:

Imagining Janice from Friends screaming ‘OH. MY. GOD’ in Hindi sends a chill down our spine.

Friends is a cult TV show that we’ve all grown up watching. Yes, we know all the hook lines and we’ve memorized each episode. We smirk whenever someone says ‘Unagi’ or ‘Smelly Cat’. We still refer to the entire cast (including Gunther) by their sitcom names and shamelessly binge watch friends in our pajamas on a lazy Sunday because Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica and Chandler are more than just TV characters, they’re family!

Here’s a twist in the tale: Can you imagine Chandler cracking his sarcastic one-liners in a quintessential Gujarati accent? Or Joey ordering a masala dosa at The Central Perk? Imagine Phoebe singing ‘Lehenga utha de remote se’ instead of Smelly Cat!

If you liked the aforementioned scenarios, you’re probably a curious linguist who wants to watch FRIENDS in Hindi. Well, you’re not the only one. Somebody recently put up a post on Quora asking where can he find FRIENDS dubbed in Hindi and the answer given by a user helped us realize how cringe worthy FRIENDS would sound in Hindi:


To further prove his point, let’s try and translate some of the iconic one-liners in Hindi, shall we?

You’re my lobster – Tum meri kekdi ho


How you doin’ – Kya kar rahi ho?


We were on a break – Hum chutti pe they


Food. Sex. Food. Sex. I don’t know I want both! – This is probably getting censored.


Kabuutars and potty in the same sentence. Cringe level 100.


Not sure what Unagi would be! Any ideas?


We DARE you to translate this in Hindi. Double dare.


In conclusion we’d say that the jokes will make no sense, the quirkiness of the characters will be lost and most importantly your favorite sitcom will be ruined for you. Forever. Do you wanna take that risk?