This vlogger looks exactly like Priyanka Chopra and we're flipping out. See pics

Judwaa IRL

Priyanka Chopra is a downright legend and let’s face it- there aren’t enough Priyanka Chopras in the world. We need more dammit. Luckily enough, we’ve found Priyanka’s SAVAGE doppelganger and it’s safe to say we’re in love with this witty, charming and absolutely gorgeous woman (Let’s just say if anything happens to the original Priyanka, we’re covered).

A vlogger from Canada has found fame on the internet ever since Priyanka tweeted about her. We checked out her Instagram and are completely shook. Check out the pictures for yourself!

Let the jaws drop:


Again, we kid you not. This is not Priyanka Chopra. Let that sink in.


Which of these is Priyanka Chopra? The correct answer is neither. You’ve played yourself.

Navpreet Banga



Internet, meet Navpreet Banga. This gorgeous Punjaban lives in Canada and is a fitness vlogger + YouTuber. She currently has about 157k followers on Instagram. Her followers are well aware of the resemblance and make sure they keep reminding her:

navpreet-banga-2 navpreet-banga

Her Instagram is full of pictures of her looking gorgeous (and Priyanka Chopra-esque). Check em out:

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A post shared by Navpreet Banga (@browngirllifts) on

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Give us a moment while we watch her videos and start fan-girling about this beautiful witty woman.

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When you come to Canada #IndiaVsCanada #Snow #Driving #SabjiWala #NoMore #ReturnOfSatwantAunty

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Navpreet also puts up videos on YouTube and 5 mins into the videos, you’ll fall in love with her personality. Check ’em out:

Witty, pretty and fierce. What’s not to love? Doppelganger or not, Navpreet Banga is a star on the rise and we’d LOVE to see her star in movies soon.

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