Virender Sehwag's special message for students appearing in Board exams. Must read!

Virender Sehwag took to his Tweeter handle to encourage the students who are going to appear board exams

The month of March is here and these 31 days in calendar means a lot for the school goers as they are ahead of a ‘war’. Not a literal one but the one which decides their fate and ability—what their parents say—and which is known as ‘exams’ in a more simpler language. Every single individual has faced this situation where you realise that the harsh winters are gone but to enjoy the summers, you have to take exams.

These are the days when your home becomes an army cantonment and your parents are the commanders who ensure that no page of your textbook has remained unturned. Your leisure times are omitted from your lives and a schedule of 15-16 hours are fixed for you and your notes. Just like a soldier or a national cricketer, you are under immense pressure before you appear for the exams. And, by any chance, if you are beaten by the padosi waale Gupta Ji’s son, then your parents would be more than ready to carry out your court marshall and brand you a total nalaayak.

The story mentioned above is not imaginary but based on true incidents and it happens in almost every house. But taking an initiative in order to reach the parents and make them understand what their child actually wants, a soft drink company Mirinda has started a campaign #ReleaseThePressure. In this social experiment, they contacted few students and asked them to write an open letter to their parents explaining their feeling and revealing their inner self.

Meanwhile, cricketer Virender Sehwag has also come forward to support the campaign and took to his Twitter handle to encourage the students who are going to appear for their board examinations. He wrote, “Board exams are like Cricket matches. I never played under any pressure. You should not too.”


Finally, to all those parents who would read this piece: please don’t pressurise your kids for these exams. Let them prove themselves what they are capable of. Let the plant grow naturally and you better should have the patience to enjoy its shade in future!