Viral video shows woman cooking food using her mouth, 2018 is officially ruined

A video of a woman making turkey stuffing has gone viral. What's so weird about it? She's cooking with her mouth.

We are just four days into 2018 and we already want to cancel 2018. Why, you ask? Before we get into it, those with a weak stomach might want to look away — a video of a woman making turkey stuffing has gone viral. You may be wondering what’s so weird about it? She’s cooking with her mouth.

Twitter user “Sarah, the reporter” posted the video of a woman chewing up and spitting out ingredients. She chews up vegetables and spits them out, then reaches for the other ingredients and chews and spits them into a bowl before mixing them together and stuffing it all up a turkey. That’s not all, once the turkey is done, she presents it in a magnanimous tray with the chewed-up stuffing decorated next to it.

Watching her chew and spit out raw eggs, vegetables and bread has officially ruined our year. Already.

Checkout the video right here:

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Honestly, if this is going to be this year’s first viral trend, we’re cancelling 2018, packing our bags and going back to 2017. Peace.