Viral post on how an adopted stray pup changed this woman's life is all kinds of amazing

Humans of Bombay shared a beautiful story of about how Behnaaz Neville Mody adopted a stray pup and how it completely changed her life now. Read it here.

What is more amazing than a feeling of adopting and taking care of a stray puppy. How many of us (dog lovers) have wished of adopting that little fur ball playing in the streets but end up not doing it, sometimes thinking about its mom and sometimes because dogs need a lot of care and attention. Humans of Bombay page on Facebook shared a beautiful story of Behnaaz Neville Mody about how she and her partner came to adopt a stray pup and how it completely changed her life now.

Behnaaz and her partner were driving from Bombay to Lonavala when a pup suddenly ran across the road in front of their car. They immediately stopped the car and checked if the pup was fine. It was small and scared and that’s when Behnaaz and her boyfriend decided to take care of him in turns. Doesn’t that sound cute? And not just that, she talks about how having a puppy at home has changed her life forever. Not to talk about the amount of love you get when you return home from work, that infectious positive energy, those cute puppy eyes and those warm cuddles. Enough to make you forget all the worries in the world.

The post shared by Humans of Bombay reads:

My boyfriend and I were driving to Lonavala, when we thought we saw an animal run across the road right in front of us. We didn’t know what it was exactly, but we stopped the car immediately to make sure it was okay — turns out it was a small, very frightened puppy. My boyfriend and I instantly agreed that it was too dangerous to leave him behind and decided on the spot to adopt him. We agreed to look after him in turns, if need be. That whole car ride we were only discussing what to call him!– finally we agreed on Leo!
Of course, my parents were skeptical when I just took him home, but I vouched that I would look after him…and within a few days they were the ones who fell in love with him! My life has been completely turned around by Leo — I used to be lazy, but now I wake up every morning to take him for a walk, or plan my routine around his meal times and Vet appointments. It comes with its perks though — I come home everyday to this cute fur ball following me around with puppy dog eyes and endless cuddles.”

The post went viral and many pet lovers appreciated Behnaaz’s gesture and shared their stories as well.

Humans of Bombay Stray dog

Humans of Bombay Stray dog

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In case you want to read it, here’s the Humans of Bombay post.


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