Valentine’s Day 2017: Single on Valentine's day? Here's why you shouldn't care

Wash away the 'Valentine's day' blues with some vodka.

Hello, readers. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Does that upset you because you don’t have a date? It shouldn’t. It really shouldn’t.

We’ll be honest with you, we think all of you guys are extremely date-able. Even if we don’t stalk your profile pictures to and do the whole ‘Hot or not’ thing, we’re pretty sure about it.

Important note: Not having a date on Valentine’s day doesn’t imply that you’ll be living alone with 7 cats. And having a date doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found the one you’re going to walk down the aisle with.

A lot of you are probably wondering ‘What do people even look for when they’re looking for a potential date?’


Honestly, it doesn’t even matter. Go out into the world and interact with people. Meet them, talk to them, get to know them, enjoy their company, ask them out, get rejected, get angry and then return to the beginning of the flowchart. Meet someone else, continue the process, ask them out, get accepted, get to know them, laugh with them and then eventually (or immediately, if you’re into immediate romantic plot progression) do the deed.

We mean, for God’s sake, you’re young. Too young to care about not having a date on one stupid day. We don’t say this with a patronizing tone, but most of you are faaar too young to know exactly how your life will go. Hell, there’s people who are 25 and still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.


Find people. Just go out there and give it a try. Live your life, and even if you end up forever alone (which you probably won’t, by the way. You ever notice how most people above the age of 40 are married? That’s what we’ve noticed), saying ‘I did try but it didn’t quite work out’ is far, far better and creates way fewer regrets than having to say ‘I wish I had tried.’

There’s no need to force yourself to do things just because it’s Valentine’s day. No, you don’t have to go to that Valentine’s day mixer party for singles if you don’t want to. There’s people who’ve met their significant others at chess tournaments, so yeah. You don’t have to go to parties every weekend and scream ‘DO SHOTS! WOOHOO!’ just in order to find someone.

Let nature take its course, and in the mean time, enjoy your own company, will you?

Wish yourself a happy Valentine’s day.