US Food Network Calls Gulab Jamun "Fried Donuts" And Hell Has Broken Loose On Twitter

Hell hath no fury like a gulab jamun-lover scorned!

The gulab jamun is under attack and the source of this attack is painful. Food network Tasty, whose quick, drool-worthy recipes will make you want to unleash the gourmand in you, released a recipe video last year for gulab jamuns that caught social media’s attention on Saturday and not for the right reasons.

The one-minute video titled “Indian Fried Doughnuts (Gulab Jamun)” is now facing Twitterati’s wrath because Indians on Twitter will not sit back and just go off about their day when the sacred gulab jamun has been misnamed.

The retaliation on the food network first came through renaming well-known dishes.

And then it was just plain unfiltered anger

Maybe they would be better off doing what this Twitter user points out.