Milind Soman covered 517.5 km barefoot and won the Ultraman challenge. Such an inspiration!

Milind Soman is truly an inspiration for generations to come.

Move over Superman and batman, India now has its very own superhero: Ultraman Milind Soman.

As you all know, Milind has been competing in a new challenge aka the toughest triathlon in the world – ULTRAMAN Florida and he made us all proud by winning the challenge!

It was a three-day event which involved 423 km of cycling, a 10 km swim and 84 km ultra-marathon. There were 5 Indians in the contest and all 5- Milind, Abhishek Mishra, Kaustubh Radkar, Prithviraj Patil and Manmadh Rebba completed the challenge by covering a total distance of 517.5 km under harsh conditions.

Milind did it all barefoot!

Milind is known for his super healthy lifestyle, and his Pinkathon initiative and Ironman win are some of his major achievements. Milind did wonders at the Ultraman Challenge and make us so proud!

Check out the complete post here:

The actor kept his fans updated about the contest via social media:

On day 1 he talked about the hot afternoon and rains in the evening that made the roads slippery and strong headwinds made it almost impossible for them to cycle. And the weekend traffic added to their problems!

He vlogged about day 2.

The Ultraman Florida is an extremely difficult challenge to complete because of the tough terrains and weather and it’s an “invite only” contest. The athlete’s physical and mental strengths are put to test in this 3-day extreme endurance challenge. And in the end, India’s ironman made us all proud by winning the contest. India needs more celebs like Milind who promote fitness and health instead of ‘hot airport looks’ and idle banter at gossip shows.

Keep making us proud, Ultraman!