Uber driver from Pune began texting this girl non-stop, this is what she did next

This girl was stalked by an over-friendly Uber driver and she took to social media to share her horrible experience with the creep

Uber is used by countless people everyday and one such user is Ambika Sharma Anavkar. A resident of Pune, she took an Uber from the airport to a locality called Pashan. The driver, Sanjay, seemed friendly to her and in turn, Ambika gave him a 5-star rating, something that we all tend to mindlessly do. However, she did not realise that the amicable nature of the driver could become problematic. In a Facebook post published earlier in the day, Ambika narrated how the chatty driver became creepy with repeated texts and what could be perceived as early signs of stalking. At first, she was confused and thought perhaps her cousin had left something behind in the cab. But the real reason behind the driver’s texts became apparent as he confessed that he “missed her.”

Ambika was concerned and she immediately reached out to Uber. Having been a faithful consumer of the transport network company, she felt the need to voice her grievance on social media. Uber was quick to respond, having already had their fair share of experience with bad publicity. They responded saying that incident was extremely disturbing and assured Ambika of strict action against the accused.

Uber also decided to suspend the driver in question and reassuring Ambika that they could still be relied on. However, given her angry rant on Facebook and the support it garnered, it is highly doubtful that she will choose to book another cab from the multinational giant.


Incidents of sexual harassment cases at the office, unprecedented levels of stalking, stories of sexual assualt resurfacing from regular travellers and news about discrimination by the management has already plagued the San Francisco-based company that resulted in the #DeleteUber campaign earlier this year.

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