Two 16-year-old teens shot at a 14-year-old girl because of 'annoying' Snapchat messages

Deserae Turner, a 14-year-old girl from Utah was shot in the head by two boys because they were irritated by her

Deserae Turner, a 14-year-old girl from Utah, was subjected to unfathomable trauma by a couple of boys because they were “tired of her constant messaging” on Snapchat. In the event that came to light recently, two boys allegedly named Colter Danny Peterson and Jayzen Decker planned and carried out the horrendous act of shooting the young girl and almost killed her. According to reports, Deserae was lured to the isolated place by the two boys and was shot in the head and left to die in a ditch near Smithfield, Utah.

Deserae’s missing report was filed by her parents after she did not return home after school. Subsequently, she was found by two women from the rescue group which led to her hope for survival. She was eventually subjected to medical treatment but the ordeal was so horrifying that Deserae couldn’t even recollect the incident at all. The incident has left her with paralysis and partial blindness.

Apparently, the two boys had decided to slit her throat earlier, but decided against it and went ahead with the shooting. They even kept a shell casing as a souvenir from the attack. Allegedly, the boys even stole £44 from her purse and threw away her iPod and phone. The boys are charged with attempted murder and could receive up to 15 years of imprisonment for such a heinous crime.