Twitter's 'birth and death' jokes are out of control. Here's proof

Twitter's overflowing talent refuses to die. Check out these hilarious birth to death jokes.

Social media is one thing this generation cannot live without. Why blame just this generation, even parents are glued to their smartphones and sometimes, the same can be said for them. Just upload a video, write a powerful post/tweet or post a photograph, which can churn emotions and with hashtags in fashion, anything goes viral in no time. The micro-blogging site, Twitter is one such ridiculously callous platform where it takes almost nothing to trend something as bizarre as ‘birth and death’ jokes. And believe us, these Twitter geniuses are just amazing and can come up with unimaginably hilarious yet relatable stuff.

So the latest trend of these ‘birth and death’ memes and jokes is just refusing to die and Twitter is not ready to let it go away. We aren’t kidding. Sample this: for everyone who has an account in the State Bank of India, this joke about what happens between the birth and death of an SBI employee is spot-on; ‘Life of an SBI employee: Birth -> *Lunch ke baad aana -> *Cheque ke peeche naam likh do -> Death.

Here are a few other funny ones:


For all those who ‘enjoyed’ the Sonu Nigam Azaan controversy:

The ones who aren’t a Bhai-fan would quickly get this one:

This is epic, sums up entire life in merely 5 words:

Sometimes, grammar can be overlooked. Ignore that wrongly placed aostophe, all Indian kids can identify with this:

For all the artists and comedians, who offended ‘people’ with their jokes:

All those who take cab for their daily commute can relate to this one:

And who doesn’t remember their college days:

For those suffering from maid-woes: