Twitter wants to boycott Aamir Khan's Dangal because of THIS shocking reason!

A day after Aamir's Dangal hit the screens, critics now call for a complete boycott of the film.

Just when you thought the intolerance debate was done for good it’s back o haunt us again. And this time, people are calling for a complete boycott of Aamir Khan’s new release Dangal.


For the ones who don’t know in the beginning of the year, Aamir Khan had made some controversial statements on the intolerance fiasco. He took a stance in favor of the Award Wapsi movement and said that he and his wife Kiran Rao wish to move out of India.


Aamir got a lot of flak for these comments and had to justify his statement for months. Just when you thought the controversy is over, Bhakts have now called for a full boycott of Aamir’s film Dangal because he apparently, refused to speak against alleged atrocities against Hindus in West Bengal. Interestingly, the film is all about feminism and patriotism.


Here’s how stupid and dirty Twitter can get.