Twitter users are asking people to #TravelToNorthEast and here's why we're convinced

A paradise that's waiting to be unraveled.

We live a country that is undoubtedly a tourist’s paradise. From scenic hills to lush grasslands, we’ve got it all. The North East, famous for it’s rich culture and breathtaking natural beauty, is a perfect example of the kind of sublime beauty India has. A Twitter user described the North East as a ‘Paradise which is yet to be explored’ and we’re nodding in agreement. The Land of Seven Sisters is a destination of hills carpeted with greenery, waterfalls, lakes and SO much more. There is something magnificent waiting at every nook and cranny and the surprises just keep on coming.

Twitter users have started tweeting with #TravelToNorthEast and what began as an effort to promote North East tourism slowly turned into a wanderlust convention.

Here are 12 pictures that prove why you should definitely Travel to the North East before you die: (Fair warning: Vacation goals ahead)

When in doubt, travel. Forget all your worries and bag pack to a far off place. And since we’ve pretty much made an amazing case for the most Instagram-able place on the planet- The North East, we’re hoping you’ve booked your tickets already folks!