Twitter turns PM Narendra Modi and Israeli PM's beach photos into glorious memes

The photograph of PM Narendra Modi casually chatting and strolling on a beach with Netanyahu got the Twitter memes rolling. Check out the amazing meme-making talent of Twitter.

PM Narendra Modi and his Israel visit has been the talk of the town. On his two day visit, PM Modi and his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu have visited quite a few places in Israel. PM Narendra Modi’s social media feed has kept the people posted about his latest travel adventures, by sharing quite a few photographs of Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu. And especially one of the photographs drew Twitter’s attention and then, as is customary, memes happened. The results were absolutely LOL-worthy and some of them just go on to show the sheer meme-making talent of our junta.

The photograph of PM Narendra Modi walking on a beach with Netanyahu got the Twitter memes rolling and the new ones are still pouring in. People just cannot get over the two leaders casually chatting and strolling on the beach.

Check these memes out :

PM Modi and Hrithik’s It’s Magic Dance. Spot on!

People just can’t get over Bollywood. For those who don’t remember, that’s a song from the Bollywood movie, Mast

This is close.

For all those who remember the Ketchup song.

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And, how can there be no political jokes about Arvind Kejriwal, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, when there is Narendra Modi:

And it goes on. LOL.

No, the Twitter game didn’t stop there. People started enjoying it even more. And picked up some other photographs of Modi and Netanyahu as well.

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