Twitter turned this adorably 'curious' baby into hilariously relatable memes

Twitter user posted a series of photographs of her niece's reactions to the EEG dressing on her head. The result? A bunch of memes.

You never really know when does your next post on social media turn into a meme and go viral because there’s a lot of talent out there. Something similar happened to Jordyn, when she posted a few photographs of hers with her adorable 8-month-old niece, Amina. Memes on Amina’s puzzled reaction started flowing in soon but all in good taste and humour. Jordyn, who underwent an EEG (electroencephalogram) test some time back had a bandage tied around her face and her little niece was unable to adjust to Jordyn’s new appearance.

Jordyn posted a series of photographs of her niece’s reactions whenever she saw her aunt, and basically Amina was puzzled and people took no time to turn her adorable photographs into humorous memes. She got some beautiful messages of encouragment for her quick recovery, which was indeed lovely, but Amina’s cute reactions took over internet in no time. Amina almost took away the limelight from her aunt but we really can’t really blame people for doing so.

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Here’s Jordyn’s post:

When we say memes are relatable, some of them are actually very relatable. Check them out:

1. How often does this happen with you? 

2. We Indians would totally understand this one. Because we never give up! LOL.

3. Relatable much. 

4. When we hear ‘Food’. 

5. When you actually feel like getting off your car and telling people to fly their cars instead. 

6. Not a meme. Just a beautiful message for Jo and Amina and we cannot agree more.

7. Dogs. Kids. Same. 

8. Home alone and you hear a sound…

The last tweet is the most precious one, by Jo’s mother, Carmen.

Jo posted this after little Amina got famous.

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