Twitter is going crazy for this picture of Justin Trudeau’s BUTT

Justin Trudeau is beautiful and curvy. We've got the proof.

It’s a well-known fact that the internet has been lusting over ‘Mr-steal-your-girlfriend’ Justin Trudeau for months now. And we don’t blame em.

Justin Trudeau has become the object of affection for many, and has sent everyone into a frenzy with his latest picture.

The picture that is going viral on Twitter showcases his..assets in a suave fashion. He appears wearing what seems to be some extremely fitted pants and Twitter is full blown obsessed with the picture at this point. And we can see why.

We won’t blabber much, let’s get straight to the pictures, shall we?

Check it out:

Aaanndd it begins:

All we gotta say is daaaammmnn gurl.