Trumps in the White House, Obamas on cruise ships. Barack and Michelle's vacations are giving Twitter FOMO

Barack Obama clicking Michelle Obama's photograph on their cruise holiday is giving Twitter major FOMO

At a time when many Americans are (and the entire world is) still struggling to accept their newly-elected President Donald Trump and haven’t been able to move on, Barack and Michelle Obama are enjoying their vacations, cruising with friends. After one Madeline Hill retweeted a picture of Barack Obama clicking Michelle Obama’s photograph on a yatch, Twitter just cannot stop expressing their feelings for the most-loved couple of America.

Madeline Hill’s tweet, which read ‘Barack Obama is an instagram husband’ has been retweeted 30 k times and has been liked by over 103 k people. People cannot stop expressing their love for Barack and Michelle and majority of the tweets show how badly they miss and want the Obamas back in the White House. Some tweets are extremely funny and people are lamenting how easily have Barack and Michelle forgotten them and moved on. Some have not forgotten to take a dig at Donald Trump. LOL.
Here is the tweet that Madeline Hill posted and which went viral, no suprise. Below are some of the reactions: