Trump singles - A dating site for Donald Trump supporters!

There is a dating website created exclusively for Donald Trump supporters called and it is seeing a membership spike! Read all about it:

Do you love long walks on the beach, candle light dinners..and Donald Trump?

We’ve found a perfect dating site for you –
This website was made with the purpose of matching people who are president-elect Donald Trump supporters only.

Founder David Goss put up the site last summer in June 2016 after seeing that people were having a hard time on their dates once politics was brought up in the discussion — especially when it came to Donald Trump.
Goss, who is a Trump supporter himself, said in an interview “A female friend of mine went on a date. She’s a Trump supporter. When the man started talking about Hillary, she told him that she’s a Republican. He looked at her face, stared at her for a good few minutes and then got up and stormed out without paying.”

The site is free to sign up, but unless you become a paid member, you can only send one message per day.
Founder David Goss initially offered memberships at a cost of $5 a month but that price has now rocketed up to $19.95 a month.
Surprisingly enough, has registered around 24,000 members since its official launch. Yes, about 24,000 people pay $19.95 a month to find like-minded Trump supporters.

This is how, we’re imagining, conversations go down on the site:

Member 1: Global warming is such a hoax.

Member 2: Lol, we should totally build a wall around people who believe in that kinda stuff.

Member 1: Yeah, they’re obviously WRONG.

Even after been mocked and harassed, Goss kept going with the site which is now seeing a surge in membership.
Even as we write this article, the site is currently unavailable but Goss is upbeat about the future. He really wants to create a safe haven for Trump supporters who are mocked for their inclination towards Donal Trump.

We’re guessing this site is going to be pretty huuuge

So..let’s make dating great again?