Trending: PM Modi's 'Shah Rukh Khan' pose gets turned into a hilarious meme, because Twitter

Twitter is back at it again with the memes.

In the era of bad news and sadistic people, memes are our only salvation. Go through your newsfeed and you’ll see how everyone from Amrish puri to Rani Mukherjee has been turned into memes. It’s not just Bollywood though, even Prime Minister Modi has often found himself at the receiving end of the social media meme game.

Netizens have dug up an old image of PM Modi and turned it into a meme and it escalated quickly. Earlier, a screen grab of the PM as he took shredded Rahul Gandhi’s dig at Make in India went viral, and soon it somehow turned into a Photoshop battle on Twitter.

Recently, an image of PM Modi tilting his head and smiling coyly has been turned into a ‘caption this’ contest on Twitter. While it is not really clear where the image came from, everybody on the internet is having a field day creating memes around the image.

Right from “When relatives say ‘Ladka shaadi ke laayak ho gaya hai” to “When Friends say ..Bhai tujhe Dekh rahi thi” they’ve used all kinds of colorful combinations to justify PM Modi’s coy smile. And they’re down right on point!

Check out the hilariously cheesy tweets right here:


And of-course, this:

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