Top 10 things you will regret doing when you're old

Don't let these regrets eat you up!

Life is a finite story that unfolds as the years go by. As you grow up, you go through a plethora of emotions and situations that work as life lessons.

Live a life sans regrets. Take those leaps and risks. Don’t spend your life wondering ‘What if I had done that’.

Here’s a list of things you might want to reconsider today so that you don’t end up regretting them tomorrow:

Not travelling enough.

There’s being alive and then there’s living. Travelling is the most important aspect of living. Go out of your city, your state, your country and experience diversity. It’ll make you so much more wholesome as a person.


Not forgiving enough.

Holding grudges just turns you into a angry person and the hatred keeps stewing up inside you. Breathe in, let go and breathe out. When you forgive someone for whatever they’ve done, you automatically let go of the negative stigma attached with them.


Not spending enough time with your parents.

Your old folks brought you into the world and took care of you all your life. Once you grow up, you’ll realize that you haven’t spent enough time with them. Don’t wait until they’re gone to let the regret kick in. Go out on a holiday with them and make the most of it.


Not quitting a job that doesn’t make you happy.

You spend your entire day at work and if your work isn’t something that makes you happy, leave right now. If you’re stuck in a dead end job that you can’t wait to leave every evening, you’re not doing life right and will regret wasting time there once you’re older.


Being too afraid to say ‘I love you’.

Be it your siblings, parents or that special someone, if you don’t tell them how much you love and cherish them, you’ll regret it when they’re gone.


Working too much.

Take time to cool off once in a while. Don’t fry yourself with the workload till you’re 60. You’ll regret it when you look back at your life.

Staying in an unhealthy relationship for too long.

Physical violence, mental torture, emotional neglect and other unhealthy actions are unacceptable and if you stay in a relationship like that for too long, it affects you deeply. Help your future self today and leave that relationship immediately.


Letting people’s opinions hamper your self esteem.

Don’t care about what people say behind your back unless it comes from a good place. Keep your self esteem intact. Breaking down because of what people think about you will only cause regrets when you’re older.


Not spending enough time with yourself.

Yes, those parties with your friends will always be memorable, but you need to spend some quality alone time once in a while. Don’t spend all your time getting to know other people and lose yourself in the process.


Not realizing your true potential and beauty.

Never undermine yourself and think you’re not good enough. Not loving yourself and living life to your full potential will always be your biggest regret. As cliche as it sounds, you only live once!