Too hungover to make it to work? Let this pizza outlet owner tell you how to be honest about it

So you know now what to do the next time your head is throbbing from all that alcohol you dunked down last night!

How many times have you ‘called in sick’ at work simply because you were too hungover from your previous night’s outing? While we have all been there and done that, what Queensland’s Gaslight pizza did has taken over the internet and won customer’s hearts.

Gaslight’s owner Blake Pendlebury had to keep his shop closed for a day after he had one too many drinks in celebration of a horse he had a share in winning a race. He spent the afternoon drinking and celebrating with friends and co-owners of the horse and this is the exact reason he put up on Facebook. His post is all so relatable especially when he says he cannot make it back to work and does not have enough culinary backup to keep things going.

Here is the honesty-laced Facebook post:

Alcohol has been famous for making people say things they would not dare to in when not intoxicated, and this post sure proves how that can be a very positive aspect indeed. He ends his post wishing his customers a brilliant day ahead and apologizes that he cannot make it even more brilliant with Gaslight’s food. It’s notable how even in such a hungover state, he did not forget to be confident about the happiness is outlet’s food brings to people.

Unleashing the magic that truth has always possessed, his customers can be seen commenting very happily on his post and are even congratulating him on his horse’s win. All in all this guy’s sick note has clearly led to a win-win situation for all.

We all know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all!