Can you spot why this star-studded magazine cover is driving the internet crazy?

Hint: There are quite a few 'extras' in the photo-spread

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, actors Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Zendaya together on one platform would make for one hell of a photoshoot, right? That’s exactly what the internet was expecting from Vanity Fair’s latest cover and while the pictures were phenomenal, something wasn’t quite right and people were quick to take notice.

For several decades, Vanity Fair has brought together a jaw-dropping collection of Hollywood’s finest actors for its Hollywood issue. Turns out, this year they decided to bring out some extra limbs too!

Check out the picture:

While Reese Witherspoon lookings gorgeous in the photo, she appears to be have extra leg. Bad photoshop much? Here’s how Twitter reacted to the extra leg:

Reese had a sense of humor about the whole thing too:

This wasn’t the only mistake people found in the photoshoot, can you spot what’s wrong with this one:

Yes, Oprah appears to have a third hand. Twitter freaked out again:

Oprah decided to laugh at it too:

Vanity Fair tried to pass Reese’s third leg as a visual trick caused by the lining of her dress:

As far as Oprah’s photoshop fail goes, they tried to laugh it off too – asking how Oprah could be expected to juggle everything with just two hands?