This viral tweet is giving birth to a new Indian joke format- and it's hilarious

The stolen tweet caused quite a stir on Twitter. Check out the reactions!

On February 8th, Twitter user @candinam wrote this sassy tweet that got a few re-tweets when it was first posted. Unfortunately, a user soon pointed out that the tweet seemed to have been plagiarized from a popular page called The Scribbled Stories, an account that posts crowd-sourced microtales.

This stolen tweet started gaining (albeit a little negative) attention and so much so that it now has 101,420 re-tweets! Daammn. Won’t be long before it beats SRK’s tweet for the number one spot on the list of most re-tweeted Indian tweets.

People were quick to point out that the tweet was stolen, but they were equally quick in turning the tweet into a hilarious joke format that is now going crazy viral on the web.

Check out the original tweet:

The tweet is making its way up the list of most retweeted Indian tweets of ALL TIME. Shah Rukh Khan holds the current record with his Zayn selfie.

The pin-pointing began when people found out the tweet was stolen:

The girl came out clean today:

But alas, Twitter never forgets:

Check out the hilarious jokes people cracked using the format: