This video posted by Anusha Rizvi mocks the ridiculous level Baahubali frenzy has reached among its fans

A video posted by Peepli Live director, Anusha Rizvi, perfectly captures the mania around Baahubali.

Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live director, has posted a sarcastic yet funny video on her Facebook page which perfectly captures the current state of mind of the Baahubali fans. If you are also one of those who haven’t watched Baahubali: The Conclusion yet, you are a blot on the face of the society. And why just society, why not earth. You have done the most blasphemous thing, according to a Baahubali fan. Anusha has posted the video giving it a description ‘Kya aapne Baahubali abhi tak nahi dekhi?’ Well done Rana Pratap Sengar and Rahul Shanklya’.

The video posted by Anusha, which features Peepli Live actors, Rana Pratap Sengar and Rahul Shanklya and is shot in a black-and-white frame giving it a touch of old Hindi cinema with corresponding slow background music. The setting of the video is itself something in complete contrast to what Baahubali is all about, which makes is even funnier. The two actors are playing the roles of a father and a son, who are having a ‘calm’ argument about to watch or not to watch Baahubali, where the son is trying to convice the father, who considers watching cinema a ‘below-his-status’ thing. And no points for guessing who wins in the end.

The video titled ‘Ramesh Babu aur Kamla ki kahaani- Part 3’ is a hilarious take on how not having watched Baahubali:The Conclusion till now is a matter of societal shame.

 Watch the video:


After Baahubali merchandise, Baahubali sarees, Prabhas’ statue at Madame Tussads and what not, the mania around the movie, which just refuses to die, has reached another level. The love of Baahubali fans goes much deeper. Merely watching the movie 10 times doesn’t satisfy their souls, because they would attain Nirvana only when they will make every single soul around them watch it too.