This video is basically a tutorial on 'how to offend men and women in 11 minutes'

A famous YT channel has dropped a video where a woman goes to a ‘Boyfriend Showroom’ to pick a man for herself. *swipes left on the video*

If creating bad content was a crime, hundreds of Indian YouTube channels would be thrown into jails just for the sheer stupidity they make us go through.

A famous YT channel, Purani Dilli Talkies, dropped a video where a woman goes to a ‘Boyfriend Showroom’ to pick a man for herself. The “salesman” shows her different kinds of men before she finally chooses her ‘Mr Right’. The video begins with the salesman negotiating with customers about test drives (yes, men are akin to cars in this video). He then takes a customer to show her the options available.

To give you a gist of how sexist the entire video is, here are some lines from the video:

If Skoda has Laura, we have this, kyuki iska gear stick African hai

“Iski mileage kya hai?
“On bed ya off bed?”
“He can drive you on the highway everyday, via-agra.”

Ye itna brand new hai… isne abhi tak apne gear stick ko haath bhi nahi lagaya

“He’s a virgin Mojito… reviews toh isko Mojito banane ke baad pata chalega

Take a second to let all of that sink in. Not only is the content horrid, but it shows how the script writers thought it’s okay to be sexist both towards men and women. We wonder what sort of audience laps up content as mindblowingly offense and TBH, boring, as this.

Men aren’t the only demographic that are embarrassed here, the protagonist lady is portrayed as a bimbo who treats men like pets, or worse, objects. Is THIS supposed to be their idea of Feminism? Gold-digging women who hate and berate men? Wow. Did they miss the memo that said Feminism is basically seeking equal rights as men?

Here’s the video if you’d truly like to watch it:

*Googles ‘how to delete someone else’s video’*