This Twitter account rates dogs & the tweets will make you smile uncontrollably

Psst: All dogs are 10/10.

You know you have the best job on the planet when all you have to do the entire day is look at adorable dog pictures/videos and rate the dogs.

A Twitter account by the name of WeRateDogs does exactly what the name implies- They rate dogs on the scale of 1 to 10.

Users can submit footage of their puppies to the account. With a brief and precise introduction, they rate the dogs out of 10. PS: All the dogs are 12/10. Some are 13. Because c’mon, they’re dogs.

Here are some of their best tweets that’ll make you go aww. Totally SFW content ahead:

Here’s Buddy. Buddy doesn’t trust glass doors. 10/10 would say “Remain empowered, pupper”

Air-type doggos are as cute as land-type doggos. 10/10.

This dog is prettier than any of us will ever be. 10/10.

Professional doggo has no time for your nonsense. He has places to be. 10/10.

100/10 for the Bone Jovi pun.

10/10 for the tiny pupper.

Nothing better than a Panda-esque doggo. 10/10

10/10 would boop this bathing doggo.

For more doggos, check out their Twitter page.