This Twitter account has been correctly predicting the future for MONTHS

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Would you believe if we tell you there’s a mysterious Twitter account that has been predicting the future correctly since last year?

The world is full of eerie things that we choose to ignore and focus on unicorns and rainbows instead. The latest example of such a thing is from our digital world. A Twitter account with the handle @beyoncefan666 is gaining some major traction for correctly predicting Beyoncé’s recent announcement that she is pregnant with twins.

We can go ahead and deem it as a lucky guess. But as you continue to read various tweets from the account, you begin to notice that the person behind it has been correctly predicting recent pop culture and world events for months now.

Are they the sooth-sayers of the digital age, or is there a practical explanation hidden somewhere?

Check out some of their eerie tweets:

On February 1, Beyoncé graced her fans and followers with a bunch of images from a pregnancy photoshoot.
Now check this: Way back in 2016, the account tweeted, “Okay so Beyoncé is gonna announce a pregnancy in February(2017)”

And then again in January.

While some of the tweets deal with pop culture announcements, others deal with larger world events like the Brexit vote. But how do they even know all of these things?

They tweeted about Brexit way before it even happened. We’re left wondering how did they come up with the exact figure?

They tweeted about Trump’s presidency before the results came out:

The account mysteriously announced Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance even before NFL did:

One of their tweets says ‘being a parkwood intern and low key psychic is lit’. Now, Parkwood Entertainment is the record label Beyoncé founded in 2007. So that could easily explain how they may have found out about Beyoncé’s pregnancy before anyone else.

That still doesn’t answer how the account could have correctly predicted the other world events.

We’ve put two and two together and come up with an explanation:

A hoax like this isn’t hard to reproduce. All you have to do is set your social media posts to private while posting out multiple options over time, e.g. ‘X situation will happen’ or ‘Y situation will happen’, and then edit your feed as the events actually unfold.

Once your feed looks eerie enough to raise eyebrows, open it up to the public, and with any luck, you’ll go viral. The timestamps all match up and you’ll garner instant fame.

But then again, specific predictions like the month of Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement and the exact percentage of the Brexit vote are difficult to get right. We’re still not sure how they managed to predict them.

Now that @beyoncefan666 has gained major traction, it will be interesting to see if they can manage to keep ‘predicting’ the future with any confidence, or will they be caught.

Is this account really predicting the future? Or is it just another viral hoax yet to be revealed? Either way, it’s still creepy!

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