This tribute to Kohli will make you fall in love with him all over again!

We're all crazy Kohli fans here and if you bleed blue like we do, you'll love this tribute video for Virat which encapsulates the 'Kohli-mania' perfectly! Watch now:

Somebody call a doctor because there is an outbreak of ‘Kohli-mania’ and it’s taking the country by storm.

He is often regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and it’s not a secret that the entire nation is in awe of Kohli. Why? Because he gives the nation hope! After Sachin, the country sees Virat as next big cricket legend. Going by the way his career has shaped up, we can safely assume that he’ll live up to these expectations!
Be it his suave personality or his savage batting skills, he is undoubtedly a heart-throb in the world of cricket.

Exhale sports recently made a sick tune to express their love for him and it’s safe to say that the entire nation pretty much relates to the lyrics (because, you know, Kohli mania).
The song begins with a brilliant pun like ‘Kohli haan Kohli chahiye’ and goes on to add some hilarious puns like ‘Kohli ke piche kya hai?’
It has garnered more than one million views online. The comments section is flooded with emotional fans expressing their love for Kohli.

Apart from the obvious reason to watch this video (read: Kohli), the video has some amazing lyrics and mind-blowing beats that you’ll find yourself humming in the middle of the day.

Watch the video here:

After watching the video, we’ve made our very own list of reasons why we love Kholi! Here goes:

Before anything else, he is a talented batsman and a team player who has take team India to a whole new level!


Umm, have you seen him? *Drools shamelessly*


We love a man who respects women! Remember the time he took to Instagram to defend bae Anushka sharma from the incessant trolls?


Not only is he an amazing batsman, he has also flashed his funny side every now and then and we absolutely adore it!


Aaand finally, we love how he makes the ladies go weak in the knees!


Kohli, you’ve bowled us over!