This throwback video of 90s cartoon theme songs will make you nostalgic

Waring: Major nostalgia ahead!

Think of the 90s and a smile pops up on your face. Those were the days you can never forget: the scrumptious candies, the awesome friendship and the kickass cartoons. The cartoons were the biggest part of our life, weren’t they? The best part about these teeny weeny cute character stories were their opening theme tunes: those catchy lyrical lines. You sang it all time, didn’t you? In your classroom, in the bathroom; while you’re enacting the same with your friends, or humming them with avid enthusiasm as they played on screen.

Do you still remember them though? Try to sing along to the opening tracks of your favourite childhood cartoons and find out!

Here’s a blast from the past. A look at all the cartoons with ah-mazingg title tracks:

Johnny Bravo

The handsome hunk who always took flirting a little too far.

Duck Tales

Uncle Scrooge was your spirit animal, admit it.


Yes, there’s Pokemon go, but nothing beats the original series and the beautiful title track!


Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder had the BEST opening track, hands down!


Jungle book
Yes, there are new revamped versions, but nothing beats our good ol’ chaddhi pehen ke fuul khila hai

Dexter’s Lab

You always sang the end loudly. Always.


Dragon ball Z 




Noddy had a house, a pet, a job and a stable girlfriend. And he was 5.

Scooby Doo

You’d always scream Scoooby Dooooby Doooooo in the end


Check out the video right here: