This street lamp in Salem has a spooky little secret and it is freaking the internet out

Hint: it's a lot less to do with the lamp than what you see inside it.

Street lamps are a fairly common sight, hence nothing about them makes them worth a mention, right? Nope. Not when you see a face inside it staring back at you. This is not a horror movie script written by someone who’s letting their imagination run wild, but in fact something that Kim Driscoll, the Mayor of Salem, in Massachusetts came across for real.

We knew you wouldn’t believe us, so here’s proof:

Do you see it? It’s too clear to be missed honestly and with 107 re-tweets since it was put up, several seem to also have their theories on it. Those who don’t, are very very creeped out.

Even if he wasn’t before, he sure is ‘light’-headed now.

This sure gives a completely new definition to ‘Rest in Peace’. Or, maybe not. Either way we’re freaked out.